What is a Twibe?

A twibe is a group of Twitter users with a common interest. At twibes.com, you can find friends and participate in Twitter discussions about the topics you know and love. There are active twitter groups for every topic under the sun, from architects to librarians to knitting! And of course, it is complete free to start your own Twibe!

The twibe founder chooses the name and tweets a link to the twibe to create it. Similarly, you can join a twibe by tweeting a link to it. Once you’ve created or joined the twibe, sign in to twibes.com using your Twitter account. From Twibes.com, you can follow other people in the twibe.

The twibe founder assigns a description and keywords to the twibe. The keywords (or hashtags) are matched against tweets from the members of the twibe. The twibe page shows tweets from the people in the twibe using those keywords.

You can also post a message to the twibe through Twitter from the twibes page
If you check the box, your tweet will only be shown on twibes, it will not go through twitter.

Twibes was created by Adam Loving in March 2009. Adam is a software developer that has been programming since the early 1980’s and using Twitter since 2007.

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