Re-tweet Robots now Available for all

For a long time, members have been requesting that we create “robot” accounts for each twibe that re-tweet what the group is posting about. Some (like architwibe) even went so far as to use Twibes RSS feeds with 3rd party services to replicate this on their own. The goal is to help twibes members stay in touch with their twitter groups wherever they read their tweets.

We now have re-tweet robot connections available for all twibes. The robot re-tweets the latest tweet from the twibe, at most once an hour. So, if twibe members prefer, they can follow the robot instead of visiting the twibe page to get a sense of what is going on in the twibe. Only one robot is allowed per twibe.

Some members of our insiders list were notified of this ahead of time and have already gotten robots set up. Some of our favorites:

If you would like to attach a robot to your twibe please follow these steps:

  1. Go create a new Twitter account (use a name that makes sense like @XYZTwibe)
  2. Log in to Twibes once with that new account (you don’t have to put in an email address, just logging in is enough).
  3. Email with the name of the account and the twibe name.

Give us a week or so to get the account hooked up. Once connected, the robot name appears on the right hand side of your twibe next to the short URL with a button so people can follow it.

2 thoughts on “Re-tweet Robots now Available for all”

  1. While there is still work that needs to be done, this could prove to be the most useful tool on Twibes yet. The bots still need to do things (Adam agreed on this with me in email the other day) like ignore @replies, and I’d like to see options like the bots being more strict with hashmarks, and setting certain Twitter accounts to always be retweeted.

    Tons of potential here, though. This is absolutely a step in the right direction for turning Twibes into communities.

    SecondLife Twibe

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