Considering tabs to filter tweets

This is a quick question for power Twibes users about a change I’m considering. I want to make it so tweets posted to the Twibe page don’t get lost in all the tweets found via search. This would (I imagine) make it more worthwhile to tweet from the twibe page, because you have greater confidence that someone will read it. I’m considering adding tabs to the twibe page to filter the tweets. Please drop a quick answer in the comments. Thank you for your help!

Question 1: Would tabs be useful?


Question 2: Do you currently use the filter controls on your home page?


Please drop a quick answer in the comments. Thank you for your help!

7 thoughts on “Considering tabs to filter tweets”

  1. I’m all for new features & choices however I would probably keep my tab on ALL. I like everything in one place. I currently check both show tweets posted direct/using search tags for that reason.

    It would definitely make it more worthwhile to tweet from the twibe page though.

  2. I’m not using filters right now, but may consider it as the list grows. I’ve only been allowing followers who are in the industry or are friends and colleagues so it hasn’t been bad. Experimenting with Tweetdeck now to see if it will help me make sense of it all. Still – I’m for anything that makes sorting easier. So yes – a “tweets posted here” tab would be interesting. Go for it!

  3. I tend to agree with Michelle. Offering such flexibility might be good, but I will tend to keep things simple. Every move toward flexibility means that much more complexity in the system.

  4. WOW! Twibes has come a long way
    GRT! work Adam

    Options are GRT! I like the idea
    and think that would be a nice feature.

    Building something like twibes is
    a complete mystery to me. I have no idea
    how this kind of thing is created
    …just appreciate using it THNX!

    Do you have any plans to set this up
    where users could post photos, videos
    and links like a facebook wall ?
    That may encourage posting from Twibes.

    THNX! again


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