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On September 30th, Twitter announced that they are working on a new “lists” feature and are in the process of rolling it out. We are frantically working to make Twibes the best place to find and join Twitter lists.

Twitter lists will enable you to create a list of Twitter users and filter your tweet stream to their tweets. Lists will be available on the Twitter web site, and eventually in twitter clients via the API. Some clients (like TweetDeck) already provide similar features today, but the Twitter implementation will add the ability to take lists wherever you go and copy lists from people you follow.

We think lists sound very cool, and can’t wait to get access. However, we see a big difference between a Twitter list and a Twibes group. Multiple people have described Twibes as “giving twitter a purpose”. This is because Twibes groups enable them to both find people with similar interests, and communicate with them. Additionally, twibes message threading and embedding features allow groups to become micro-communities, or a good way to simply find people from an existing Web community on Twitter.

While lists may not be as deep as groups – we acknowledge that being able to find Twitter users, friends, and followers by location or interest is an important problem to solve. So, Twibes will be adding support our own version of top Twitter lists.

To be the first to get access to Twibes Twitter Lists, sign up to be notified via our old fashioned insiders email list.

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