Another update on Twibes Twitter List Synchronization

After getting a lot of complaints from people on Twibes lists about being “listed too much,” we started a process of consolidating Twitter lists last night. To consolidate the Twitter lists, we switched several lists (around 2,000) that were generated by Twibes to be following other identical Twitter lists, and deleted the duplicates. If you were on one of the lists, this decreased your “listed” count, but the number of people seeing your tweets will remain the same. People previously listing you were moved to follow another copy of the list.

Today, a lot of people are wondering why their Twitter “listed” count is going down and/or why their lists have disappeared. We apologize if this has caused confusion, it certainly is surprising to see hundreds of lists disappear.

At this point, we’ve stopped consolidating old Twitter lists, so we won’t be deleting any more lists. New lists will follow existing Twitter lists where possible in the future. If you want ownership of your lists back, you can convert them back by visiting Twibes and converting your list back to be your own. We sincerely apologize if deleting your list means the list lost some followers.

Please see our previous posts for more more information:

* How Twibes Lists Work (see #5 for how to convert from following someone else’s list back to having your own).

* YouTube: Why am I on so many Twibes lists?

Thanks everybody for your patience and understanding as we try to find the right balance of convenience and promotion for everybody!

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