Why is Twitter worth your time?

I posed a question over on our Turbocharger pageHow would a flood of new Twitter connections help your website, cause, product, or service?” So far there have been about 20 fantastic responses. It was really difficult to pick the best one, here are three of my favorites.

“It would help me connect with the ideas of others in a way nothing else can. Every day I engage Twitter I learn something new about what makes people tick, what gets them excited, makes them laugh, irritated, grateful, etc. These insights into others life experiences are invaluable resources to me as a business owner and a consultant but most importantly as a human being.” – Kristin Smith Huntley (@kristin_huntley)

“I represent an author who has written a book about love after 50. Given the difficulty of establishing credibility and awareness in today’s very busy information-laden culture, new self-published books like hers are often overlooked. By utilizing the tips and knowledge in this course, I would be able to support my client by creating a huge awareness of her book and her expertise in the category.

Am I totally selfless? No, obviously, I would use the same information to augment my own Twitter following … This would definitely help streamline my marketing.” – Lisbeth Tanz (@lisbethtanz)

“A flood of new Twitter connections helps your website, cause, product, or service in a lot practical ways such as influence, exposure, web traffic, sales, etc; but these are not the most beneficial aspects. The most beneficial aspect of gaining new connections (notice I didn’t say followers; a lot of people have followers but are not following back) is receiving a window into peoples’ interests, passions, dislikes…basically their lives.

… It’s all about people! …

This is why I would love to go through this training course and learn as many ways possible to connect with the online community in a more personal and effective manner on Twitter.” – Mike Cecil (@CSTactical)

All three comments touch on what is unique about Twitter. Nowhere else can you strike up public conversation with your current and future customers. I’ve selected Mike Cecil as the winner of a free subscription to the Turbocharger training course for his articulate explanation!

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