Twitter Training (and 10 ways you can make money on Twitter)

Update: The Twitter Turbocharger Training course is now sold out. It may be available again in a few months.

At the end of last year, I sent out email to several thousand Twibes and Twitter tips newsletter subscribers. I wanted to strike up conversation about what I could add to Twibes that would keep people coming back. I also wanted to identify a paid feature that I could add to Twibes so that I could cover my costs and possibly make it a full time job.

The responses I got back took me by surprise. The vast majority of people just wanted my help with Twitter (not Twibes). So, I set out answering all their questions, creating free reports and videos that I’ve shared with the newsletter subscribers. Through a series of webinars with Twitter stars, experimentation, and research – I’ve managed to answer all of the top questions.

But I didn’t stop there. I took all of the “best practices” I collected, and organized them into a series of screen cast videos. In the videos, I apply the best practices to grow a brand new Twitter account in record time. That video series is what I’m calling Twitter Turbocharger.

This training is not for everybody (and I’m only selling it to a limited number of people). Celebrities with huge real-world followings, and people who can afford to spend all day on Twitter do not need this training! Also, people who are just looking to have fun chatting with friends on Twitter do not need this training.

Many people, however look at Twitter as a source of customers – traffic to their web site, or clients for their business. The one unique and hugely valuable thing about Twitter is that is not a social network, it is a social commons. Twitter is the one place online where you can identify people interested in your product and contact them directly. The Turbocharger training is for people who don’t have all day to spend on Twitter, but do want to get the most customers from twitter – while respecting Twitter etiquette with authentic (non spam) communication.

Maybe you fall in the middle somewhere, you appreciate the real time communication you can get from Twitter, and you have a blog or website – but you’re not really sure how you can make money. Here are 10 ways people are making money using Twitter:

1. Sell a product or service. Twitter is a great way to meet people interested in a particular topic.

2. Use the traffic to make money off advertising on your web sites. If you already have a blog (the more specific the better) – you can use Google Adwords to make money. Update Twitter every time you post to get traffic and meet new readers.

3. Get a new job. Twitter is a great tool for meeting new people. Seek out the leaders in your industry and strike up conversation with them. If you can, strike up conversation on a topic unrelated to your work first as an icebreaker.

4. Get a job doing customer support on Twitter. Big companies like Dell, BestBuy, Starbucks, and Whole Foods all pay people to tweet to customers all day long. People who know how to tweet are in demand.

5. Use affiliate links (Clickbank, Amazon) to sell someone else’s product. Do a twitter search to identify people shopping for products that you know and love. Then find an affiliate link, recommend it to them, and make a commission.

6. Sponsored Tweets. As you build up a following, you can charge for tweeting an advertisement. People often charge thousands of dollars for a single 140 character tweet!

7. Re-tweets and reviews. Sites like will pay you based on clicks for re-tweeting and spreading other peoples tweets.

8. Sell a subscription to your Tweets. Using TwitPub, you can actually set up a private Twitter account where people pay to see your tweets. Great for stock tips and business ideas.

9. Speaking and consulting for your organization. Twitter has proven a powerful community organization and fundraising tool, use it to rally your supporters and enhance your existing fundraising efforts.

10. Get more foot traffic to your local business. If you own a coffee shop, restaurant, nursery, plumbing, or other local business – you can use Twitter to stay in conversation with your customers, strike up conversation with your neighborhood, and give out coupons.

Twibes will work hard to remain the best place to meet and communicate with people with similar interests. It is in our best interest to get help everyone maximize what they are getting out of Twitter.

Update: The Twitter Turbocharger Training course is now sold out. It may be available again in a few months.

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  1. I WANT IN…I’m over 39 (by just a bit) and need to keep up with all those young pups out there…the world just keeps speeding up and I need to make sure I stay in shape and up to date with the latest!!

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