Twibes Relaunch

In the next couple weeks, we will release several thousand inactive and closed twibes. Groups with fewer than 10 members that have not had any posts on the page for 90 days will be deleted and become available to be reclaimed by new founders. This will allow new founders to claim and benefit from the unused names.

How do I claim a closed Twibe?

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Will my twibe be deleted?

If you are the founder of an inactive twibe, you should have received an email or Twitter direct message from @twibes. To see if your twibe is considered inactive, please visit your twibe page. If the page says “Twibe Closed due to Inactivity,” please email to have it re-opened. To keep your twibe active, please visit your twibe’s page and post something at least once every 90 days.

Why found a twibe?

If you are considering founding a twibe, now is the time to do it.

  • · Participating in a twibe is a great way to meet people.
  • · By founding a twibe, you establish leadership and influence in a particular topic. Imagine if you were the founder of the Photography twibe, with over 4,391 members!
  • · Your twibe will collect members (and followers for you) through viral propagation (as people tweet to join the twibe) and SEO (when people search for different types of Twitter groups on Google, they will find your twibe).
  • · You can take your group’s tweets to your blog or web site using our RSS feeds and widgets.

What makes a twibe successful?

There are two key ingredients to a great twibe. First, a great name that captures the member’s interests. The name should  represent a broad or passionate user group, and the group’s agenda (not your own). For example “Runners” is a great name, but “MidtownRunningShoes” is not.

“Runners” will become available in the next few weeks. Here are some other names that are currently closed: Ireland, Kauai, HomeDecor, Motown, animation, TravelWriting, Runners, Startups. To check and see if a name is available, simply go to For example, for “Runners” go to

The second ingredient is a good leader (or twibe “founder”). If you choose the right name, often the twibe will take off by itself as it spreads via Twitter. However, you may need to promote the group a little bit (via email and Twitter) to get a few key people to join. Also, a good leader will act like a “party host,” welcoming members, and introducing them to one another.

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10 thoughts on “Twibes Relaunch”

  1. So many of us are traveling these days, the Travel Writing twibe is a great place to share information, advice and local favourites. I think it’s a better forum than paid travel sites, where advertising-related links are often the focus. Travelers know – and share – the ins and outs of a place, making one’s experience in another country more intriguing and interesting. We’re travelers, not tourists. And we veer off the beaten path, to discover things the locals don’t necessarily share with outsiders.

  2. ATL massage twibe will help Licensed Massage Therapists in the Atlanta area get connected and have an opportunity to refer business & contracts to each other and stay updated on changes with Georgia’s laws. I just did an event today that needed 14 LMT’s. I could only recommend two!

  3. I am wanting to start a twibe called Glogster or GlogsterEdu. This is because I recently became a Glogster Ambassador and part of my mission is to share glogster resources with others as well as learn how others are implementing and using this web 2.0 in the classroom. I hope that I am able to get one of the available twibes to begin this adventure. In October I am a presenter at our State Tech Conference and I will be talking about Glogster Edu. This would be a wonderful resource to share with teacher across my state as well as with mine and their PLNs.

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