Introducing Twibes Twitter Lists

What are Twibes lists?

A Twibes list is a list of people that have tagged themselves with a keyword (or have been added to the list by a friend). You can copy the list to your Twitter account as if you made it. From there, other people can follow the list. To join a particular list, click “Add Yourself” on the list page. You will be prompted to select up to 10 lists by tagging yourself with the name of a list.


Examples: Seattle Twitter List, Celebrity Twitter List, Social Media Twitter List

What happens when I “Make a Twitter List” from a Twibes List?

Twibes will copy the list to your Twitter account and keep it synchronized. Any one who joins the Twibes list will be added to your Twitter list automatically.


How many people can be on a list?

Twitter lists have a limit of 500 members. We are working on influence rankings to make sure the 500 people on the Twibes list are relevant, high-quality tweeters.

What about my Twibe?

Twibes groups and Twibes lists are separate, but Twibes can turn your group into a Twitter list too. There is now a link on each Twibe to “Make List on Twitter”. Twibes will create a list for you and add the top 500 Twibe members to it.



Once you get ranked on a list, there will be a link from the list page or your profile to “GET BADGE”. This page will give you a snippet of javascript that you can add to your blog or Web site to show off your rank. If you earn a badge and put it on your site, let @twibes no so we can


3 thoughts on “Introducing Twibes Twitter Lists”

  1. You guys are writing this as if everyone is born with the knowledge of “twibes.” I’m not and I don’t know how to get to the page to click “add me.”

  2. I’m with Anomaly. This all sounds good, but you haven’t told us how we can actually get ourselves on a list – what page, a link, etc.

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