Announcing Re-released twibe names

I’m excited to announce a fresh start for Twibes with a newly re-designed home page and thousands of newly-available twibe names. Now is the time to check if a name you’ve been waiting for is available. Go to to start your Twibe.

Why start a twibe?
  • · Participating in a twibe is a quick way to meet people.
  • · By founding a twibe twitter group, you establish influence and leadership in a topic. Imagine if you were the founder of the Photography twibe, with over 4,391 members!
  • · Your twibe will collect members (and followers) for you through viral propagation as people tweet to join the twibe.
  • · Also, more people will find you when they search for on Google for different types of Twitter groups.
  • · You can take your group’s tweets to your blog or web site using our RSS feeds and widgets.
  • · Of course, creating a twibe is FREE and just requires one tweet.
If you are considering creating a twitter group, now is the time to do it.
What makes a twibe successful?

There are two key factors to launching a thriving twibe. First, a great name that captures the member’s interests. The name should represent a broad or passionate member base, and the group’s agenda (not your own). For example “Runners” is a great name, but “MidtownRunningShoes” is not.

The second factor is a good leader (or twibe “founder”). If you choose the right group name, often the twibe will take off by itself as it spreads via Twitter. However, you may need to promote the group a little bit (via email and Twitter) to get a few key people to join. Also, a good leader will act like a party host, introducing members to one another, and making people feel welcome.

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