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Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan

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This is the first in a series of guest posts on using Twibes and Twitter to make friends and grow your business. If you would like to be considered for a guest post, please email with an idea for a topic.

Twitter and other social media help me reach more people then I could ever imagine. I currently have almost 600 followers on Twitter, all from my tips and related blog posts that I Tweet about. I use Twitter mainly for business purposes and have grown a huge following. I recently found out about Twibes and am currently exploring the inner workings of this app.

With social media and its growing popularity Twitter is just another vehicle that health and fitness minded individuals can use to help fight the obesity epidemic. Someone can find a tweet or post about a weight loss tip they may never heard about and that tip could change their life.

I can also stay connect with my clients a lot more. I see most clients only 3 hours per week. It is the other 165 hours in the day that make the difference as to whether they lose weight or not. Twitter allows me to check up on them, share an interesting tip, article, or motivational quote, and the clients feel like I am a part of their lives; which adds a little more value to my service.

2 thoughts on “Using Twitter for Business”

  1. For me the exciting thing about twitter is the topical search function. I’m basically a researcher, writer, and consulting on the future of work, so I love the ability to use that “#” and track the global conversation on any topic I’m interested in. It’s like having a huge staff of research associates. And I’ve found all kinds of “fellow travelers” interested in many of the same things – people I never would have met any other way. Lots of opportunities for future collaboration, learning together, and more.

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