New Book: Definitive Twitter Guide

@ShannonEvans was kind enough to give me early access to her new book The Definitive Twitter Guide. I was very impressed by how comprehensive the book is. The book is for people who haven’t created a Twitter account, or who have tried Twitter and don’t feel like they are getting the most out of it. The book is an important guide to Twitter ettiquette.

The Definitive Twitter Guide has great recommendations on basic but important stuff like choosing your user name and photo. The book answers questions that I’ve found come up time and again as people start using Twitter. For example, I found the book’s recommendations dead on for how use your business name with your account, and what types of photos work best.

Clearly Shannon is someone who has participated extensively on Twitter and “gets it.” I like the way she emphasizes the importance of conversation. Sophisticated Twitter users understand how to find and communicate with their future customers on the customer’s own terms.

Her tips on Twitter etiquette provide concrete ways to build rapport with your market. She provides tips on making your own content easy to share, but also emphasizes the important shift in mindset to simply conversing with people. In other words, how not to look like a spammer.

The book includes many useful case studies on building your business with – like what Peter Chee has done with @thinkspace.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the book also contains sophisticated ways of optimizing your Twitter profile using Google, and monitoring your brand using Google alerts. And of course, how to use Twitter search in order to see what people are talking about.

I hope to host a webinar in the near future for Shannon to share some of the tips from the book. In the meantime, please send @replies on Twitter with your questions to @AdamLoving and @ShannonEvans.