Twibes Poem: The Itch to Tweet

About the author Norman Haase Norman Haase
Norman is the founder of the Fountan-pens Twitter Group and is an expert in fountain pens, ink and writing instruments from around the world.
Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’, they live! Why can’t I get these damn tweets out of my head? I try, I twy but they won’t go away. I’m all atwitter.

I twist, I shout, I try to restrain…but still those 140 remain.

Yet something has come along that entwines my brethren, fountain pens in hand — like Tweedledum and Tweedledee — with their parchment, ink and sand.

We promise we’ll write letters, no twaddle dares leave our nibs. But that itch, that instant twitch cannot wait for the postman’s round. So when it has to be said now, our brotherhood of scribes, we place hands on keys — everyone agrees –and head to a place called Twibes.

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Using Twitter for Business

About the author
Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan

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This is the first in a series of guest posts on using Twibes and Twitter to make friends and grow your business. If you would like to be considered for a guest post, please email with an idea for a topic.

Twitter and other social media help me reach more people then I could ever imagine. I currently have almost 600 followers on Twitter, all from my tips and related blog posts that I Tweet about. I use Twitter mainly for business purposes and have grown a huge following. I recently found out about Twibes and am currently exploring the inner workings of this app.

With social media and its growing popularity Twitter is just another vehicle that health and fitness minded individuals can use to help fight the obesity epidemic. Someone can find a tweet or post about a weight loss tip they may never heard about and that tip could change their life.

I can also stay connect with my clients a lot more. I see most clients only 3 hours per week. It is the other 165 hours in the day that make the difference as to whether they lose weight or not. Twitter allows me to check up on them, share an interesting tip, article, or motivational quote, and the clients feel like I am a part of their lives; which adds a little more value to my service.

What is a Twibe?

A twibe is a group of Twitter users with a common interest. At, you can find friends and participate in Twitter discussions about the topics you know and love. There are active twitter groups for every topic under the sun, from architects to librarians to knitting! And of course, it is complete free to start your own Twibe!

The twibe founder chooses the name and tweets a link to the twibe to create it. Similarly, you can join a twibe by tweeting a link to it. Once you’ve created or joined the twibe, sign in to using your Twitter account. From, you can follow other people in the twibe.

The twibe founder assigns a description and keywords to the twibe. The keywords (or hashtags) are matched against tweets from the members of the twibe. The twibe page shows tweets from the people in the twibe using those keywords.

You can also post a message to the twibe through Twitter from the twibes page
If you check the box, your tweet will only be shown on twibes, it will not go through twitter.

Twibes was created by Adam Loving in March 2009. Adam is a software developer that has been programming since the early 1980’s and using Twitter since 2007.