Twibes Poem: The Itch to Tweet

About the author Norman Haase Norman Haase
Norman is the founder of the Fountan-pens Twitter Group and is an expert in fountain pens, ink and writing instruments from around the world.
Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’, they live! Why can’t I get these damn tweets out of my head? I try, I twy but they won’t go away. I’m all atwitter.

I twist, I shout, I try to restrain…but still those 140 remain.

Yet something has come along that entwines my brethren, fountain pens in hand — like Tweedledum and Tweedledee — with their parchment, ink and sand.

We promise we’ll write letters, no twaddle dares leave our nibs. But that itch, that instant twitch cannot wait for the postman’s round. So when it has to be said now, our brotherhood of scribes, we place hands on keys — everyone agrees –and head to a place called Twibes.

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